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Applying for Graduate Study in Plasma Science and Engineering at U-M and MSU

At the University of Michigan and the Michigan State University, MIPSE is a focal point for university-wide activities in plasma science and engineering (PSE). However, MIPSE does not have an MS or PhD program in PSE. Graduate studies in PSE for MS and PhD degrees are conducted through individual departments at both universities. If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in PSE at U-M or MSU, the first step is to view the research webpages of MIPSE members. In this way, you can see the range of PSE activities and make certain that your areas of interest are being pursued. You might want to contact individual professors to learn more about their programs. The second step is to apply to a MS or PhD program at the department that best matches your background and career goals.

Michigan State University

For general information on graduate admissions, please visit the MSU Graduate Programs. Students interested in the world-class Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) or in the world-class MSU-Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Diamond Electronics (CCD) can apply to the home department that best matches your discipline, as students from many departments work with both FRIB and CCD. For information on specific departments and programs, please check the links below.