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2nd Annual Graduate Student Symposium, 2011

2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium
2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium

The 2nd MIPSE Graduate Student Symposium successfully took place on September 21, 2011, including a special presentation by Dr. Kim Budil of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory titled High Energy Density Plasma Physics: An Evolving Role on the National Scene. The Symposium stands out not only for the excellent student poster presentations, but also for being the first joint UM/Michigan State University MIPSE event. We had 30 posters presented by UM students (from EECS, NERS, Aerospace Engineering, AOSS, Mechanical Engineering, and Applied Physics) and 9 posters presented by MSU students.

Best Presentation Award

2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium
2nd MIPSE Graduate Symposium

The MIPSE judges (Prof. John Foster, Prof. Alec Thomas, Dr. Carolyn Kuranz) had quite a challenging task in selecting from the many outstanding presentations. After their deliberations, Best Presentation Award winners were:

  • Iverson Bell (UM)
  • Shannon Demlow (MSU)
  • Peng Zhang (UM)

The winners received a MIPSE mug, award certificate, and a plasma book of their choice.

Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

  • Andrew Baczewski Accelerated Cartesian Expansions (ACE): A Linear Scaling Method for the Rapid Evaluation of Pairwise Interactions (PDF)
  • Carlos Di Stefano Spike Morphology in Supernova-Relevant Hydrodynamics Experiments (PDF)
  • Paul Giuliano Effects of Detailed Charge Exchange Interactions in DSMC-PIC Simulation of a Simplified Plasma Test Cell (PDF)
  • Kentaro Hara 1D Hybrid-Vlasov Simulation for Hall Thrusters (PDF)
  • Chunning Huntington Same-Shot X-Ray Thomson Scattering and Streaked Imaging of Xenon Radiative Shock Experiments (PDF)
  • Christine Krauland Radiative Reverse Shock Laser Experiments (PDF)
  • David Liaw Simulation of Self-Neutralization Techniques for Charged Particle Thrusters on Nanospacecraft (PPT)
  • Jing Lu Microwave Plasma Assisted Synthesis of Single Crystal Diamond at High Pressures and High Power Densities (PDF)
  • Collin Meierbachtol Self-Consistent Simulation of Microwave PACVD Reactors for Diamond Growth (PDF)
  • Nick Patterson Investigation of Mixed Cell Treatment via the Support Operator Method (PDF)
  • Ian Rittersdorf Effects of Random Circuit Fabrication Errors on Small Signal Gain in a Traveling Wave Tube (PDF)
  • Will Schumaker Ultrafast Electron Beam Radiography of Self-Generated Magnetic Fields from High Intensity Laser-Solid Interactions (PDF)
  • Bradley Sommers Nonlinear Oscillations of Levitated Gas Bubbles and Their Impact on Plasma Formation in Water (PPTX)
  • Sang-Heon Song SiO2 Etch Rate and Profile Control Using Pulse Power in Capacitively Coupled Plasmas (PPT)
  • Laura Spencer Analysis of Computational Work in Comparison with Experimental Results for an Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Plasma (PDF)
  • Wei Tian Plasma Discharge Simulations in Water with Pre-Existing Bubbles and Electric Field Rarefaction (PPT)
  • Dzung Tran Microwave Plasma-Assisted Etching for Smoothing Polycrystalline Diamond Films (PDF)
  • Sreenivas Varadan Compressible Turbulence and Interfacial Instabilities (PPT)
  • Michael Vargas Focusing Laser Wakefield Produced Betatron Radiation with a Spherically Curved Crystal (PDF)
  • Jun-Chieh Wang Electron Current Extraction and Interaction of RF mDBD Arrays (PDF)
  • Benjamin Yee Intra-Pulse Rotational Spectroscopy for Pulsed-Nanosecond Discharges (PDF)
  • Peng Zhang Contact Resistance with Dissimilar Materials: Bulk Contacts and Thin Film Contacts (PDF)
  • Yiting Zhang Development of Ion Energy Angular Distribution Through the Pre-Sheath and Sheath in Dual-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasmas (PPT)
  • Calvin Zulick Bremsstrahlung Temperature Scaling in Ultra-Intense Laser-Plasma Interactions (PPTX)