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Women in MIPSE (WiM)

Women in MIPSE logo

Women in MIPSE (WiM) is a graduate student managed organization whose aim is to provide community, visibility, and voice to the women of the Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering (MIPSE) and the greater plasma science community. WiM was started in 2016 by graduate students and faculty members at the University of Michigan who recognized the need to build a stronger community for women in plasma science and engineering. WiM initially functioned to provide networking and social opportunities for MIPSE women through lunches and panels with MIPSE seminar speakers. WiM leadership has launched a podcast series to give MIPSE members and associated persons both in the state of Michigan and internationally opportunities to listen and learn from successful women in the field of plasma science and engineering.

In 2023-2024 academic year, WiM is co-chaired by MIPSE Fellows Tanvi Nikhar (MSU) and Yulu Peng (U-M).

To contact WiM chairs or for more information about WiM/MIPSE, please email mipse-wim-central@umich.edu.

WiM Podcast

The WiM Podcast project was initiated and executed by PhD students Jordyn Polito and Roxanne Pinsky; editing and production is by Michael Hensel of InMotion Studios. The podcasts are sponsored and copyrighted by the University of Michigan.

WiM Episode 1: May 12, 2021

Prof. Carolyn Kuranz, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan

Listen on Spotify | Download (156 MB)

WiM Episode 2: July 11, 2021

Prof. Lia Corrales, Astronomy, University of Michigan

Listen on Spotify | Download (298 MB)