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International Online Plasma Seminar (IOPS)

MIPSE is happy to support the International Online Plasma Seminar (IOPS). The IOPS is a non-profit international seminar on low temperature plasma science. Its sessions happen bi-weekly via Zoom. Participation is free. The main purpose of the seminar is to make high quality research results in low temperature plasma science available to our community at no cost and interactively, as well as to foster scientific discussion. In this way presentations, that are otherwise only accessible at conferences, are available to anybody - including those who cannot attend classical onsite meetings due to travel restrictions, financial challenges, or other reasons. This has particular relevance during the pandemic, but is also generally important. Often times, students have no access to such presentations, but can attend the IOPS. Following each presentation, questions can be asked by all attendees verbally and the speaker can answer them. Based on the speaker’s written consent, presentations will be recorded and will be made available for on-demand download. If speakers do not agree to do this, the presentations can still be given, but will not be recorded. IOPS speakers can be nominated by anybody and are selected by the IOPS committee, which consists of editorial board members of Plasma Sources Science and Technology (Mark Kushner, Igor Adamovich, Scott Baalrud, David Go, Trevor Lafleur, Julian Schulze).

Current Program of IOPS (updated December 24, 2020)

Presentations begin at 3 pm CET/9 am EST on Thursdays.

For more information, and to request the Zoom link and password, please contact Prof. Dr. Julian Schulze (schulze@aept.rub.de).

Speaker Nominations

Nominations are solicited for speakers for the July-December 2021 sessions of IOPS. Two types of seminars will be presented:

  • Research Highlight (20 minutes + questions): This presentation is intended to summarize a recent publication, and is more highly focused on the topic of the publication.
  • Tutorial/Review (30-45 minutes + questions): This presentation more broadly addresses a topic, and is more like a traditional departmental seminar.

Please submit nominations via this Google form. Deadline for nominations is 31 May 2021.


Archive of Past Seminars


Date Speaker (Affiliation) Presentation
14 January 2021 Dr. Mujahid Zaka-ul-Islam Institute for Electrical Engineering and Plasma Technology,Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany Plasma Propagation in a Patterned Dielectric Barrier Discharge at Different Length Scales PDF (20 MB) Video recording


Date Speaker (Affiliation) Presentation
30 January 2020 Chenhui Qu University of Michigan, USA Computational Investigation of Plasma Enhanced ALD of SiO2 PPTX (15 MB)
20 February 2020 Benedek Horváth Wigner Research Centre for Physics and Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary Experimental and Kinetic Simulation Study of Electron Power Absorption Mode Transitions in Capacitive RF Discharges in Neon PDF (2 MB)
27 February 2020 Prof. Alexander Bataller North Carolina State University, USA Dynamics of Strongly Coupled Two-Component Plasma via Ultrafast Spectroscopy PPTX (96 MB)
23 April 2020 Brayden Myers North Carolina State University, USA Cost Jet: Liquid Chemistry and Impact on Biological Samples PPTX (7 MB)
4 June 2020 Dr. David Shaw York Plasma Institute, UK Indoor Air Chemistry PDF (3 MB)
02 July 2020 Prof. Mark Kushner University of Michigan, USA Interactions Between Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas and Complex Surfaces PDF (6 MB) PPTX (101 MB) Video recording
16 July 2020 Dr. Kai Zhao Dalian University of Technology, China Nonlinear Standing Wave Excitation in Very-high-frequency Capacitive Discharges PDF (6 MB) Video recording
13 August 2020 Dr. Friederike Kogelheide Institute for General Electrical Engineering and Plasma Technology, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany The Role of Humidity and UV-C Emission in the Inactivation of B. Subtilis Spores During Atmospheric-pressure DBD Treatment PDF (2 MB) Video recording
27 August 2020 Dr. Tagra Samir Institute for Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany An Algebraic RF Sheath Model for Complex Excitation Waveforms and a Broad Range of Pressure Video recording
10 September 2020 Joel Brandon North Carolina State University, USA Plasma Facing Surface Materials and Their Affects on LP Pulsed Plasma Characteristics PPTX (15 MB) Video recording
24 September 2020 Yong-Xin Liu Dalian University of Technology, China Temporal Evolution Behaviors During the Re-ignition Phase of Pulsed CCRF Discharges PDF (4 MB) Video recording
21 October 2020 Sebastian Dzikowski Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany Electric Field Behaviour of a Micro Cavity Plasma Array (MCPA) Measured by Stark Shift of Helium PDF (2 MB) Video recording
5 November 2020 Yao Du North Carolina State University, USA Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Glancing-angle Scattering of Ar+ on SiO2 Surface Video recording
19 November 2020 Patrick Hermanns Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) at High Frequencies: Characterization and Control PDF (3 MB) PPTX (83 MB) Video recording
3 December 2020 Youfan He Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany Zero–dimensional Simulations of He, He/O2, He/N2 and He/N2/O2 Microscale Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet PDF (3 MB) Video recording
17 December 2020 Sascha Thiemann-Monjé Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany Azimuthal Ion Transport in HiPIMS Plasmas PDF (13 MB) Video recording